Technical University – Gabrovo (Bulgaria)

Founded in 1964, Technical University – Gabrovo is a renowned academic and research center that provides high-quality training in line with labour market needs for modern broad-profile Bachelor degrees, as well as Master and Doctor Degrees in the field of Electrical Engineering, Electronics, Automation & Mechatronics, Computer Science, Mechanical Engineering, Management and Social Sciences. The University has over 5,000 students and 240 teaching staff. Technical University – Gabrovo has 3 faculties – Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Electronics, Faculty of Mechanical and Precision Engineering and Faculty of economics. They are supported by a Centre for Quality of Training, a Centre of Postgraduate Qualifications, a Centre for Entrepreneurship Promotion and a Technology Transfer Office. The Department of Automation, Information and Control Systems has 6 laboratories for instruction and research containing modern equipment (Siemens, Beckhoff Automation, Unitronics and AMK).

Regional Directorate of Education – Stara Zagora (Bulgaria)

The Regional Directorate of Education in the city of Stara Zagora is a regional body of the Ministry of Education and Science. It performs control and management of the education system and contributes to implementing the state educational policy in the region. It supports the operation and development of pre-school and school education institutions, controls compliance with state educational standards, provides methodological support for educational institutions and teachers, implements the state policy on qualification of pedagogic specialists, supports and coordinates the implementation of regional and national strategies related to pre-school and school education and participates in the preparation of school curricula and plans. Currently, Regional Inspectorate of Education Stara Zagora is in charge of 120 schools, with a total of 34,248 students and 3,213 teachers/educators.

Directorate of Secondary Education in Chania (Greece)

The Directorate of Secondary Education in Chania (DSEC) is a public body educational organization, under the Regional Directorate of Primary and Secondary Education of Crete and the Greek Ministry of Education, Research and Religious Affairs. It is responsible for the administration and supervision of all secondary education schools, both public and private, in the Prefecture of Chania, one of the four prefectures that form the region of Crete, Greece. DSEC provides administrative support to schools, monitors the implementation of the national curriculum, supports teachers in their teaching practice and professional development, coordinates and facilitates the implementation of various school projects and extracurricular school activities, provides ICT technical support and training to the educational community and supports schools wishing to participate in European Programmes such as Erasmus+ and eTwinning.

Technical University of Crete – Laboratory of Distributed Multimedia Information Systems and Applications (Greece)

The Technical University of Crete was founded in 1977. Its Laboratory of Distributed Multimedia Information Systems and Applications (MUSIC) was established in 1990, and belongs to the School of Electronic and Computer Engineering (ECE). The Laboratory is a centre of research, development and teaching in the areas of distributed information systems, application engineering, computer graphics, and simulation engineering. MUSIC performs research in the areas of high performance distributed multimedia architectures, information systems offering advanced functionalities, data base systems, information retrieval systems, digital libraries, service oriented architectures, and graphics systems.

Muğla Provincial Directorate of National Education (Turkey)

Muğla Provincial Directorate of National Education is one of the Provincial National Education Directorates which is established to plan, program, manage, supervise, develop and evaluate the provincial-level tasks of the Ministry of National Education. The directorate is the top institution responsible for the administration of the official and private education institutions and all the teachers who are serving in these institutions. All of the schools of the province Muğla are linked to the directorate. The main function of the organization is to ensure the smooth running of educational processes, as well as to take the required steps to address current or future challenges. There are 13 Provincial Directorates of National Education, Public Education Centres, Vocational Training Centres, Art Schools, Guidance and Research Centres, Special Education Centre, Science Art centre and schools under the directorate.

European Center for Quality (Bulgaria)

European Center for Quality (ECQ) was founded in 2001 in Sofia, Bulgaria. It supports small and medium-sized enterprises in the development of innovations and participates in a number of international initiatives to facilitate collaboration and knowledge exchange between education and the world of work. ECQ has varied expertise, strong creative potential and a large collaborative network spanning both the field of education and research and the business sector from Bulgaria, the EU, Asia, Africa and Latin America. ECQ is currently involved in 45 Erasmus+ projects.

Manisa Provincial Directorate of National Education (Turkey)

Manisa Provincial Directorate of National Education is the educational authority in Manisa Province of Turkey, responsible for formulation, implementation, inspection and dissemination of educational events in the province. It supervises 17 district directorates of education and in total 954 schools, 18 adult and public education centers and 52 vocational or technical education institutions.

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